7SYSTEMS.CHURCH CONSULTATION: Evaluate, Improve & Grow the 7 Systems of Church Health and Growth

(Contact bob@ChurchHealth.net to discuss your personalized plan.)

A popular and precise consultation, assessing strengths, analyzing attendance patterns and diagnosing growth inhibitors. Dr. Whitesel will personally present an in-depth analysis and suggestions. Then he will work alongside you to develop a workable growth plan.  


  • 1 or 2 year implementation assistance
  • Interviews (in-depth) with: Pastors and Staff, Key Lay Leaders; Employing (among other data-gathering instruments):
    • Leadership Questionnaires
    • Congregational Questionnaires
    • Focus Group meetings
    • Ongoing (1 to 2-year) workshops and support.

Analysis of:

  • Congregational Concerns,
  • Leadership Opinions
  • Conflict w/ Resolution Plans Given
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Your Community’s Social, Economic, Ethnic and Receptivity factors.
  • Programs that will work in your situation.
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A  Growth Strategy (custom-tailored), that will:

  • Correct problems
  • Include yearly actions steps and goals
  • Plan and evaluate potential problems before they arise,
  • Employ realistic growth projections.
  • Strengthen the church.

7 on-site visits with 6 Custom-tailored clinics. Proposed schedule (this schedule is customizable):

  • Visit 1:  Data-gathering and focus-group meetings. Dr. Whitesel will meet with focus groups (usually five [5] groups of 7 -18 people) including:

Group 1: Long-standing members.

Group 2: Newer members (attendees), e.g. those who have started attending in the last three years.

Group 3: Members of volunteers who have become less involved in the church over the last three years.

Group 4: Church staff has their focus group over lunch with consultant (onsite, please provide food)

Group 5: Focus group of your choosing. However, the above focus groups are customizable to your needs and situation

In addition, Dr. Whitesel will meet with the pastor and any senior leaders for a debriefing after the focus group meetings.

  • Visit 2: Usually 30-60 days later this is a presentation of the analysis via a Diagnostic Workshop. You can open this workshop up to all congregants or a select group of leaders. This workshop will identify:

“The 7 Systems of a Growing Church.” Here you will see your congregational scores in areas you are doing well and areas we will work together to improve. This applies insights from the largest survey of healthy churches in America: The American Congregations Study.

“The 8 Steps to Church Change.” Here we will apply Kotter’s research-proven 8-step process to improve any of the areas we identify as in need of change or improvement.

Attendees will participate by forming short-term “task forces” to each look at one of the areas that needs to change. This creates input from your congregation and its leaders.

  • Visit 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7: Usually every 3-4 months, these are customizable follow-up clinics where Dr. Whitesel will be onsite to help:

Answer questions from leaders.

Adjust strategies as needed.

Provide more information.

Meet with any leaders/congregants that want more input or assistance.

Keep the process moving forward so real change takes place.

  • PLUS visits 1, 3, 5 and 7 include an analysis of weekend services including an analysis of:

People flow before and after the services,

Hospitality effectiveness,

Facility improvements or adjustments.

Liturgical/order of service and flow, etc.

Cost:  $5.800 (2 years) or $4,800 (1 year) … our fee structure is 1/2  to 1/3 the fee most church growth consultants charge.

AND this consultation is eligible for:

  • Fee Support (reduced cost based on need and or church size, e.g. sliding scale), just ask.
  • Low Monthly Payment Plan, (for example, the payment for the 2-year plan can be stretched over 24 months):
    • 2-year rate: $5800 = $1600 (initial payment) + $175 a mo. for 24 months.
    • 1-year rate: $4800 = $600 (initial payment) + $350 a mo. for 12 months.