Training for Missional Coaches

2023 COHORT APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN > This is a yearly call for applicants who want to be considered for the next cohort of Missional Coaches, who learn church health/growth consulting by shadowing me and participating in actual consultations.

Email now to apply for the next cohort and to be considered for one of the three scholarships. 

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Missional coaches have joined me for consultations at …

  • Ferguson, Missouri to help a Caucasian church transition to a multi-ethnic congregation.
  • Vineyard Church of Cincinnati, Ohio a mega-church to help with their pastoral transition to a new pastor.
  • Tower Hill Church (1st Presbyterian Church) of Red Bank, New Jersey a growing church that has just changed its name to Tower Hill Church.


  • Train personally with Dr. Whitesel, one of the most experienced (25+ years), scholarly (recipient of 2 McGavran Awards), respected (vice president of the Society for Church Consulting) consultants in America/Canada.
  • Go behind the scenes with Dr. Whitesel to client meetings with pastors, boards and church focus groups.
  • Plus become a memberof the Missional Coaches Network at

Do you know someone who should be trained in Church Health Consulting? Then email me soon. As usual, only six (6) suitable applicants will be accepted before December 1.

> And the first three (3) can apply for a 50% discount. <<


Apply now for the upcoming cohort & TRAINING FOR MISSIONAL COACHES (click to download more information: )

    • All potential church health/growth consultants and coaches.
    • Denominational Leaders, Consultants, Coaches, Church Advisors.
    • Join an elite group of ONLY six to eight (6 – 8) trainees.
  • Missional Church Coach training by Bob Whitesel D.Min. Ph.D., professor of Missional Leadership, Wesley Seminary and VP of the Society for Church Consulting
  • Join Dr. Whitesel on three (3) consultation visits to analyze actual case-studies under supervision by Dr. Whitesel
  • If booked before the end of the year, a 50% discount on coaching fees resulting in a total of $1500.
  • But, ONLY the first three (3) suitable applicants will be accepted.

Email me today for the online application link:

Rev. Curtis Thompson receiving his MISSIONAL COACHES CERTIFICATION in Orlando, at RENOVATE: The National Conference on Church Revitalization.


TESTIMONIAL (picture of Dr. Jan Paron, missional coach speaking at Indiana Wesleyan University graduation 2014):  “I use everything I learned from my missional coaching experiences. The internship provided me with the initial foundation for church turnaround. Now, I add my own expertise and strategies for multiethnic church growth.”  Dr. Jan Paron, Academic Dean/Professor at All Nations Leadership Institute, and Alsip, IL and minister at the multi-ethnic Lighthouse Church of All Nations

2014 Missional Coaches in Key Largo, FL (picture above).

TESTIMONIAL (Rev. Matt McCarrick): “One of my favorite aspects of the program was how much Dr. Whitesel allowed us to be engaged in the process. This wasn’t a ‘sit in the back and watch me’ kind of internship. We were right next to Dr. Whitesel at every step of the journey.

  • He shared his research findings, his thoughts, and notes with our team.
  • We were able to sit in on the panel discussions with Dr. Whitesel and give our own insights into the issues our client was facing.
  • We prepared an analysis of strengths and weaknesses and had the opportunity to present our findings during a coaching session.
  • We had full access to the process Dr. Whitesel uses to counsel and coach these churches.
  • Finally, I loved the team aspect… we grew close.

I have had an amazing year. I am sad it is coming to a close. I looked forward to each one of my consultations, knowing I would get to spend more time with these friends and colleagues. I encourage you to be a missional coach this year. I know the money is a sacrifice. It was for me! But God has already started to use this opportunity in my life. So, I would challenge you to take a leap of faith and dive in! You will not regret this decision. You may be amazed by the doors it opens up in the future!”

Consulting in Ferguson Missouri
2014 Missional Coaches Vineyard Door BEST

Consulting for mega-church, Vineyard of Cincinnati.


“Thank you for all of your coaching, feedback and sharing of knowledge. I learned an incredible amount and can’t wait to do it again.” – Jeremy Schell (2019 cohort)
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