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Growing the Post-pandemic Church: A Guide by Bob Whitesel.

Growth strategies for churches with aging buildings, plateaued/declining attendance, overbuilt sanctuaries or underfunded staffs. 

New church alternatives such as pub churches, café churches, online churches, partnership churches and churches led by bi- or co- vocational pastors. 

  • Biblical foundations to increase survivability.
  • St. Paul’s Guide to Leading Remotely, based on Paul’s theology and practice in his letters.
  • 10 leadership skills needed in the eReformation for better electronic communication.
  • Organic steps any church can do to build bridges across racial divides.

enthusiast-cover-3d-sm.jpgENTHUSIAST: Finding a Faith That Fills by Bob Whitesel. 

“It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time on positivity in the Christian life.” – Stan Toler, best-selling author and international speaker.

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“This practical and powerful book provides every Christian with spiritual impact” – Kent Hunter, author of 20 books, known as the Church Doctor.

“This book can fuel your church’s future.” – Tom Cheyney, founder & leader of Renovate: The National Church Revitalization Conference

ReMIX CoverreMIX: Transitioning Your Church to Living Color by Bob Whitesel and Mark DeYmaz.

“Wow! This is the practical tool for the church that I have been waiting for. Pentecost didn’t occur until the diversity of ‘every nation under heaven’ was present. This book will become recommended reading for all of my seminary students.” – Mike Slaughter, pastor, author, speaker.

re:MIX is full of instructive, immediately useful information in a clear and easy-to-use format and includes sidebar stories from church leaders in a variety of denominations who have transitioned their congregations to living color.

Healthy Church Cover smTHE HEALTHY CHURCH

“The exercises provided to help increase spiritual health kept growing on me; now I can’t wait to try some of them with our leadership team, small groups and congregation.”

“This book will provide a step-by-step guide for developing a church according to God’s purposes. Besides, it gives you a great list of references to further and deeper study.”


“Immensely practical with needed tools to lead any church through a revitalization journey.” – Ed Stetzer, president, LifeWay Research

“Need help diagnosing your church’s spiritual illness? THE DOCTOR IS IN!” – Dave Workman, Sr. pastor, Vineyard Church, Cincinnati

“Step-by-step instructions & a rich array of resources, this book not only helps self-examination but will also bring about church health & growth.” – Eddie Gibbs, senior professor, Fuller Theological Seminary


“As usual, Bob Whitesel brings fresh new insights to frustrating old problems for local church leaders.  In this refreshing book, readers will find important  keys to managing the complexities of both the ‘organism’ and the ‘organization’ of the contemporary church.” – Charles Arn, author and professor.
“Whitesel gives wise insight and practical principles about millennial leadership. Bob’s years of teaching, study and practice come forth very clearly in this book.  I was  impressed by the book’s freshness, clarity, and lay out. Great job, Bob!” – Joel Comiskey, Ph.D., author and president of Joel Comiskey Group,

A step-by-step guide for sharing your faith with others.  Includes the entertaining story of Oksana, a young traveler who is tired of religion and goes to the Australian Outback looking for God.  Follow her winding journey through some of the most significant events of the last 20 years, as she encounters the terror of 9-11, looses her faith, only to find it again in the most remarkable place. In each chapter follow her unfolding story as she searches for a long-lost child, tries to repair a relationship with an abusive first husband, and eventually finds peace and significance in the Punjab providence of India.

Spiritual Waypoints [483KB]


Runner-up: Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year

“The idea of ‘waypoints’ is a creative metaphor certain to stimulate new perspectives.” – Warren Bird, LeadNet Director of Research.

“He shows that individuals bounce back and forth as they face fresh challenges on their spiritual journey. And, he provides ample illustrations of people at various stages in their spiritual journey drawn from his extensive consulting experience.” – Eddie Gibbs, author & Donald McGavran Professor of Church Growth, Fuller Seminary.

Whitesel interviews 16 leading evangelicals, giving voice to their stories of spiritual waypoints including:

  • Tony Campolo
  • Dan Kimball
  • Leonard Sweet
  • Shane Claiborne
  • Scot McKnight
  • Sally Morgenthaler
  • Mike Slaughter
  • Larry Osborne and more


Co-Resource of the Year, Outreach Magazine.

This “Handbook on Church Change” is the result of Bob Whitesel’s Ph.D. work at Fuller Seminary on how to bring about positive church change.

> Everything you need to know to bring about positive change.

> Sermon ideas … and the first complete “biblical theology of change.”


Co-Resource of the Year, Outreach Magazine.

Outreach Magazine said:  “Many postmodern resources assume that every reader understands the nuances and definitions of the postmodern missional movement. This book not only gives a clear definition and background of the movement, but it also provides case studies and practical learning tools from organic communities across the globe.”


A book that continues to be the most up-to-date and definitive guide to church growth and health.

In the plain, direct style that is his hallmark, the author lays out where churches go wrong in their planning and how they can correct themselves.  Eventually and typically, the leaders of the growing church begin to read church growth books, periodicals and case studies. Often the leaders begin to make planning decisions that are similar to other churches they perceive to be in their situation.  Because the majority of larger churches have adopted plans that have plateaued their congregations, the growing church follows suit.


A guide to working for change in the congregation without losing members.  Filled with numerous examples of actual congregations that have either succumbed to conflict over change or worked through it, Staying Power will be helpful to all congregational leaders who wish to introduce substantive new directions into the life of the church without alienating a significant portion of its membership.

“Bob Whitesel give incredible insight to why change doesn’t work and how to do it better. It is a great resource for anyone who faces the challenge of leading change in an established church.”


The first book to awake the church to generational conflicts and how to overcome them … creating a multi-generational church.
Based on 9 years of field research, “A House Divided: Bridging the Generation Gaps in Your Church,”  gives 7-steps to move any church from a one-generational bias, to a healthy Multi-Generational balance.”
“One of the most substantial church growth books we have seen in years.”  – C. Peter Wagner, author of 30+ books & dean of the Church Growth Movement.”


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