Church Growth Diagnostic Plan for The Church That Needs to Change

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This develops a 10-Year Planning process for a church that is wrestling with the implications of change in order to reach younger generations.

Dr. Whitesel is a leading expert in the field of growing the “multiple generation church” where three (3) generations can peacefully co-exist under one roof, one name and one senior pastor.  Dubbed “THE MULTI-GENERATIONAL CHURCH” or “MULTI-GEN CHURCH” (for short) his strategies have revolutionized the process of keeping older churches healthy without alienating the older members of the congregation.  Highly recommended! 


  • 1 or 2 year Implementation Assistance
  • In-depth Interviews with: Pastors and Staff, Key Lay Leaders, Group Interviews with Senior Members
  • Employing (among other data-gathering instruments):
    • Leadership Questionnaires
    • Age-specific Congregational Questionnaires

Analysis of:

  • Each generation’s concerns and opinions,
  • Basis of generational conflict,
  • Why young people don’t attend your church,
  • Staffing for the “MULTI-GEN CHURCH”
  • Your community’s Generational Make-up.
  • Strategies and programs that will work in your situation to reach younger generations.

A 10-Year Growth Strategy (custom-tailored), that will:

  • Balance your generational make-up
  • Develop three healthy generations under one roof and one leadership.
  • Plan and evaluate changing generational needs,
  • Employ healthy growth projections.
  • Broaden the church membership base.

6 Custom-tailored clinics

8 on-site visits

Toll Free phone support

Cost:  $5.800 (2 years) or $4,200 (1 year) … Our fee structure is 1/2  to 1/3 the fee most church growth consultants charge.

AND this consultation is Eligible for: 

  • Fee Support (reduced cost based on need)
  • A low monthly payment plan.