The Sunday Communication Coaching includes: 

6 sermons are analyzed (2 a month for 3 months),

Includes analysis of your …

  • pace, 
  • content,
  • communication tools,
  • unintentional distractions,
  • strengths,
  • weaknesses,
  • mixed media use,
  • and most importantly “style to help you build upon your own personal style.

Analysis is conducted via video conferencing …

  • I watch 6 sermons you select
  • We debrief in the week after each sermon in a 90 minute video call

I will work with you to help you develop a personal communication strategy …

  • That builds upon your strengths
  • That considers the latest innovations in communication

Cost: $2250.00 (for 15 hours = 9 hours of discussion and 6 hours of sermon analysis).

  • Which is very low for a coach of my caliber.
  • Contact me, a payment plan may be possible.