The New Church or Venue PLANTING Diagnostic

This develops a 10-Year Planning process for a church multiplication strategy, via a newly planted church, a church that is soon to be started or a launch of a venue/campus.

“The Six (6) Key Factors for Success in Church Multiplication” including the “4 Ranked Skills of a Multiplication Leader and Strategy,” will be evaluated 3 times a year. LOGO www wide grow byline 45 KB

Dr. Whitesel, himself a church planter, will provide ongoing tutoring and analysis.  For organizations that have not yet selected a church planter, an optional Pastoral Analysis component is available to screen church planter candidates.


  • 1 or 2 year Implementation Assistance
  • In-depth Interviews with: Church Planter or Campus Leaders (and Staff if applicable), Launch Team Leaders, Sending Team Leaders.
  • Employing (among other data-gathering instruments):

    • Goal Clarification Questionnaires,
    • Vision and Mission Questionnaires,
    • Community Needs Survey.

Analysis of:

  • Leadership structures for church planting,
  • Realistic launch size for community and situation
  • Staffing requirements,
  • The target community’s social, economic, ethnic and receptivity potential,
  • Programs that will work in your situation.

A 5-Year Growth Strategy (custom-tailored), that will:

  • Include yearly actions steps and goals,
  • Consider lengths and levels of subsidy needed for growth,
  • Plan and evaluate potential problems before they arise,
  • Employ realistic growth projections.
  • 6 steps to move from survival goals to ministry goals.

7 Custom-tailored clinics

8 on-site visits

Toll Free phone support

Cost:  $5.800 (2 years) or $4,200 (1 year) … Our fee structure is 1/2  to 1/3 the fee most church growth consultants charge.

AND this consultation is Eligible for:

  • Fee Support (reduced cost based on need)
  • A low monthly payment plan.